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Languid Spring

Aaaah – spring in the South: the weather is beautiful, the skies are clear, the trees are in bloom, and pollen-induced lethargy has sent in. Even our Scottie is suffering – we took him to the vet today for relief for his goopy eyes and itchy, irritated skin, and he fell asleep sitting up at the exam table. I’m trying to scrape together the motivation to exercise –  something I haven’t had to force myself to do all month. I don’t think I could lift a weight if I tried, so I will reluctantly proceed to the freakishly hyper-energetic world of Turbo Jam for a little Cardio Party. I’d link that for you but the Turbo Jam site is the interweb version of a TV infomercial and therefore is quite high on the annoyance scale.

Oh yeah, the reason for this post (other than procrastination): how cool is this little Recipe Analyzer gadget at ?

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More Tracking Tools: Health Engage and

I finally got around to installing Health Engage on my laptop. It shows promise, but a few major issues:

  • The user interface is awkward. The food input mechanism would probably get easier as time goes on, assuming you eat the same things frequently.
  • It’s a memory hog. If I leave it running on my laptop for more than 12 hours, even if its just sitting there idle, it starts gobbling up virtual memory. 512MB for 2 days worth of data?
  • My biggest complaint: the teeny-tiny, non-resizable viewing window. It’s fine for inputting data, but not for viewing reports.

Overall I’m not impressed. I’d be willing to give it a chance if and only if I can import data into it directly from my meter (Freestyle Flash), but I don’t have high hopes that this will be possible since I am still on a Power PC-based Powerbook. I’d be interested to know if any diabetic Mac users out there with Intel-based macs have had luck using PC-only software and data management products with either Boot Camp or Parallels.

Another online tool I took a look at this week was It showed promise, but I never returned to use it because the features that I really needed (nutritional totals per-meal and per-day) are only offered to paid users. How am I supposed to decide if I want to buy your product if I can’t at least have a trial of the features I’m paying for?

So for now I’m sticking with iCal and the occasional FitDay for looking up carbohydrate content. I have a few more tools and websites to try, but I’m losing steam already and will probably just stick with what works, with the exception of giving a try for carbohydrate look-ups, and possibly trying the (gasp!) analog Glucograf data sheets recommended by Dr. Bernstein.

March 13, 2007 at 2:57 pm 5 comments misinformation

What is up with Yesterday I was checking my blog stats and decided to Google one of the search terms that brought a visitor to this blog. The very first result that came up was this page at answering the question “1 hr sugar reading of 210 after eating pop tart and coffee w/ sugar 2 mornings in a row possibly diabetic?” (My one word answer: YES!). The long “answer” that follows is disturbing and dangerously inaccurate – the respondent claims (among other scary things) that water will level your blood sugar off (wow, all this time I’ve been wasting my time with expensive drugs?) and only if your blood sugars are consistently in the 200s and 300s do you have “something to worry about” (uh, yeah you have more than “something” to worry about if your blood sugars are that high at any point, ever).

I know most people aren’t dumb enough to take medical advice from sites like this, but I do worry about the few who believe everything they read and never consider the source, so I took the time to write the email address provided on the YouQA contact page to ask them to remove said page. I don’t normally advocate censorship but considering there is no other feedback or commenting mechanism, it seemed like the right thing to ask. Unfortunately the email bounced back claiming there is no such user. It bothers me that someone would create such an irresponsible site, and it adds insult to injury when they don’t provide any feedback mechanism or reveal where their questions and answers are coming from.

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