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Two small victories

I know I sound way too excited about such small, predictable “victories”, but it is always exciting to find some way to make the foods you enjoy fit into your diabetic life.

The first: Overindulged by eating three fajitas at dinner two nights in a row, despite knowing two is my normal limit. Tuesday night it left me at 155 an hour after (ouch), but only at 94 on Wednesday. The difference? Wednesday evening I exercised! Which makes me wonder, how would I weather a typical low-carb dinner post-exercise without any Starlix at all? More thoughts on that later.

The second victory occurred at lunch today at my husband and I’s weekly lunch spot, which we have eaten at several times since I started on my A1C-lowering endeavor but until today just couldn’t seem to find the right combination of food at to not leave me with highs an hour later. Today I hit the jackpot: I took my Starlix 30 full minutes before eating. We ordered our usual cheese dip, but instead of eating out of the basket, I picked out 7 large chips and placed them on a napkin. Once they were gone I didn’t reach into the basket again. For my main course I ordered 1 brisket and one carnita taco, which I opened, ate the contents of, but left the tortillas untouched. I felt great afterwards and just couldn’t wait the hour to check my blood sugar and checked at the 30 minute point instead: 107, followed by 93 at the one hour mark! You all must think I’m crazy for wanting to ditch Starlix when it helps me eat the things I love, but I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t accomplish the same thing with a fast-acting insulin taken at the right time before a meal.


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Jimmy John’s Gourmet Subs

Just returned from a delicious lunch with coworkers and am feeling comatose. I ventured over to the Jimmy John’s website to see if they have any nutritional information and was happy to find not only nutritional information but a cool little feature where you can add and subtract ingredients to adjust the nutritional totals. Unfortunately this revealed that my lunch choice was a poor one: the Vegetarian on Wheat sandwich I just ate has a grand total of 75 carbohydrates! But here’s the strange part – if I would have ordered it on French bread instead of Wheat, it would have only (ha) had 57. Since when is French bread lower carb than whole wheat? Next time I get the Unwich and avoid the issue all together.

Thankfully I only ate half of my sandwich so I only have oh, 37.5 carbohydrates to process and a BG of 192 to come down from. It’s going to be a long afternoon…

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10 Degrees South

Last night the Mr. and I went to 10 Degrees South for a belated South African birthday dinner. The food was quite delicious and diabetic-friendly and even brought back some fond memories of our trip to Cape Town many moons ago. We had the crab pastries (seasoned with peri-peri, a perfect spicy something I intend to look up and pursue for use in my own kitchen) and Boerewors to start, then Ostrich and Lamb for main courses. G. had a dinner roll then sent back the remaining bread, and I skipped the mashed potatoes and ate around the carrots in my vegetable side. The meat portions were large but not over-sized, and I left stuffed but not comatose. My blood sugar was 131 an hour after dinner, and probably would have been lower had I not had a two tiny bites of G’s chocolate dessert.

My mother just emailed me to “brag” that her BG after her breakfast of oatmeal and toast, which I suspected was too carb-y and have been nagging her to test after for at least two weeks now, was 90. I’m excited for her and maybe even a teeny bit jealous that her Januvia is allowing her to eat carbohydrates, but not too jealous because I think I’m adjusting to low-carb life just fine, thanks in a large part to G’s constant support. He reminds me to check my blood sugar, helps police what I eat without being overbearing, sends away bread at dinner, buys me tomes full of low-carb recipes, handles more than his share of errands so I’ll have time to exercise, and accepts huge changes his own diet without a single complaint. I feel incredibly lucky to have him. The first few days without carbohydrates were hard but once that scary “constantly hungry” feeling subsided (and the head cold passed), things started looking up.

Oh, and a special thanks to my friend out there who encouraged me to get some light cardio WHILE I was sick. It felt like torture for the first few minutes but afterwards I felt human again. My lungs especially are thanking me today – this is the first cold I’ve had in years that I haven’t been coughing up junk for days afterwards. Thanks E! 🙂

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