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Greetings from chilly NYC

Hello friends! A quickie update from me: Life in and around the Big Apple is still amazing. I spent all of late Summer and Spring riding my beautiful new bicycle all around town, including to and from work across the Brooklyn Bridge. I was feeling really fantastic and fit, then I managed a small tear in my left rotator cuff. In September I participated in Fight Gone Bad III, an incredibly fun and hard fundraising workout at my local Crossfit affiliate.  (If you watch this video of the event you can easily spot me – I’m the one doing normal deadlifts instead of sumo deadlifts because of my shoulder.)

Now cold temperatures have set in and naturally my activity level has dropped. My latest A1C came in last week and it was a dissapointing 5.8.  The shoulder is on the mend thanks to a month of physical therapy, and today I am starting a strict Zoning and food and blood sugar logging week, so I hope to troubleshoot whatever it is that is causing the big jump in my A1C. I’m still on Starlix and still Crossfitting 2-3 times per week, and even though the shoulder injury put a damper on some of my Crossfit goals (handstand, pull-ups), I managed to maintain my lowly accomplisment of a “real” push-up, and am still making progress on lifts that don’t go overhead and don’t irritate my shoulder (squats, deadlift, cleans). My current focus is getting the shoulder strong again so I can start actively pursuing that elusive pull-up, and tuning my diet so I can keep that A1C well underneath 6. Hope you are all doing well!

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