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Crossfit Foundations

Wednesday was the first of a six-class Foundations series that I signed up for in order to (safely!) learn the basic exercises and nutritional elements of Crossfit. We learned the movements and proper form for the basic Crossfit warmup, which consists of sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, squats and Sampson pose. I was able to do all of those exercises OK with the exception of the pull-up. To work towards a full pull-up on my own, I jump into the rings and focus on the descent, allowing my arms to reach full extension before touching my feet to the ground. After a few rounds of the warm-up exercises, we learned Cleans and Jerks, first with PVC then with bars. Afterwards I had a fun time standing around chatting with my new classmates, then went and watched the last few minutes of the group class’ WOD. I felt amazingly energized afterwards and all through the next day.

Unfortunately I think I’ve pulled the tendon in my right and possibly also my left arm. The day of class, no less than four friends told me “don’t hurt yourself!” so I aimed to ease into things, but now it appears I may have over did it on the pull-ups. Actually I probably would have been fine had I not tried to carry my extremely heavy bag of records to a gig last night (my husband had his hands full with our turntables). Thursday and Friday I went through the normal post-Crossfit soreness in muscles I never knew existed phases, but every day was feeling better… but then this morning I woke up unable to extend either arm fully, especially my right. Now my right biceps is swolen and stiff. I was hoping to go to Beginners class tomorrow morning, but I’m going to give myself some time to rest and heal completely before class on Wednesday. I hope this doesn’t become a constant cycle of Crossfit -> debilitating soreness -> injury -> no exercise for a week to heal -> Crossfit again.

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Yesterday I accompanied a friend to my very first Crossfit group class in Brooklyn. My husband went a few months ago but I was sitting it out while rest and cortisone treatments via iontophoresis healed the inflammation around my Haglund’s Deformity. I was super-nervous about the class (fears of puking and hypoglycemia made me eat an unreasonable amount of carbs beforehand – oops) but managed to complete the warm-up (which was far more difficult in intensity than my normal workout) then in lieu of the Workout of the Day (35 cleans and jerks), worked on form and technique with the instructor. I’m in a whole new world of pain today, but hope to make this a regular part of my workout routine. I’ve been lamenting my lack of general/cardiovascular fitness lately, especially during my weight lifting routines where I felt like I wasn’t making much progress due to my lack of cardiovascular endurance. Friday at the gym I did an interval routine on the treadmill and felt fantastic afterwards. I think adding more running, buying a bike, and doing Crossfit at least once a week will be just the thing to move me towards better overall fitness. Plus how cool would it be to one day say I’m proficient at gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting?

Any diabetic pals out there Crossfit junkies?

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