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Moving to the Big Apple

Well, there you have it – the reason for my present and short-term future lack of posting. My husband, dog and I are getting rid of most everything we own, renting out our house, and moving to Brooklyn in early August. To complicate things, we have a previously planned beach vacation smack in the middle of things, which is either going to be a great blessing or somewhat of a curse.

Despite the inordinate amount of stress, my blood sugars still look surprisingly good, likely because I’m still holding my diet and exercise routine together. Emotionally I’m not as stable as my blood sugars, but I guess you can’t have it all. 😉 I make one last visit to my PA in a couple of weeks, then sometime after I get settled, I’ll start the process of looking for MODY-friendly doctors up in NYC.

During our packing/sorting/trashing spree, I did find a couple of interesting pieces of my diabetic history. The first was the extremely high-carb, low fat and low-calorie meal plan that resulted from my very first trip to see a nutritionist, 10 or so years ago. The second was a sheet of paper that I found stashed in an old glucose meter. On it I’d logged my food and blood sugars for a couple of days prior to an endo visit about 4-5 years ago. (This was back in when I only tested before check-ups). I had to laugh at how bad my diet was: a whole everything bagel for breakfast, carrots and potato chips for lunch, etc, and I was waking up in the 120s and consistently in the 170s-200s during the day! My endo had written all over the paper suggestions of different things to eat (nuts, cheeses, veggies, spaghetti squash, etc) – it must have been the first time anyone suggested that I eat high-protein/low-carb.

This may be my last update for a while, so wish us lots of luck!


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