Pizza hubris

May 19, 2007 at 3:51 pm 9 comments

I messed up big, big time last night. I thought I was ready to attempt to cover pizza with insulin, but my body thought otherwise and I payed the price – mentally, physically and in cash at the rate of the eight dollars worth of Freestyle test strips I used testing and re-testing on my backup meter. I struggled the rest of the night to get back down from the high 200s. I was injecting directly (no I-Port in the equation – I’d attempted an upper-backside install but it left me in tears so I threw it away) yet it was as if the insulin couldn’t keep up with the digesting pizza (or my lack of patience). It was getting late so I set my alarm to wake me up an hour and a half after I went to sleep so I could check and make sure I wasn’t still high or going too low too fast, and it was back down to 140, so I gave up and went back to sleep because I was too tired to change my suspect Humalog cartridge and I knew my own basal insulin would eventually take care of the rest anyway.

I woke up this morning with an elevated fasting of 108, but I was ready to start clean – clean diet, exercise, new insulin cartridge, new I-Port… but I can’t get my head in the right place. I’m mad at myself and don’t feel like doing anything productive, and I am dreading the blood sugar see-saw that I’ll likely experience today. Writing about my mistakes always helps me move on, so now that I’ve confessed, I’ll make myself go lift some weights and try to make up for whatever horrible things I did to my poor body with that (to borrow a word from Monday) insidious pizza last night – which, by the way, left even my non-diabetic husband at 130 mg/dl an hour and a half after! How did I stand a chance? 😛

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  • 1. Maniacally Monday  |  May 19, 2007 at 11:10 pm

    hey! i know that name! that’s me! i’m being quoted! okay, now that i’m over that self-indulgent moment, i wanted to absolve you of your past sins and let you move on.

    I hope you got some work out in. Today I wandered over, under and through a mall for hours on end with my sister who was poking at wedding dresses. I tell ya, that was all the work out I could take.

    Was it a particularly crusty/doughy pizza? Is this something that you could take slow and try to find some thin crust or something that does work for you?

    Also, I was thinking about this, are you just taking insulin now, did you stop the Starlix entirely? Is this something you could combo?

    Finally – i may have to return the word usage and find a way to add hubris into a post. Hubris is an excellent word.

  • 2. lancetqueen  |  May 20, 2007 at 11:32 am

    The dough was pretty thin, but still carb-laden. And did I mention I ate almost half of the pizza? After eating two pieces and a huge salad, I decided I wanted even more and allowed myself a 3rd piece and injected more insulin. So maybe if I would have eaten just one piece, things wouldn’t have turned out so awful, but I completely forgot that the same carb/insulin ratio that works for reasonable amounts of carbs does not apply to industrial sized amounts of carbs.

    I’m thinking about maybe trying a fake pizza on top of something like a portobello mushroom. But me and “real” pizza with crust are over, and I’m OK with that. Some “no nos” I can control myself around, but real pizza on a crust just isn’t one of them.

    Oh, and I have taken Starlix a few times since starting insulin, but I was trying to give the ole body a break from it. That’s not a bad idea to try a combo of Starlix and insulin – I’ll have to try that if I ever find myself stranded on an island where the only sustenance is pizza. 😛

  • 3. grtgmadeb  |  May 20, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    “Queen” – Sorry you had a bad pizza experience. I remember a diabetic trainer stating pie crust was dangerous….guess pizza crust is the same. This is a cool blog site. In fact the first time I’ve entered a blog….a whole new world.
    Maybe we can come up with a way to make pizza that won’t buzz the BG up. Nice to contact with you again.

  • 4. Bernard Farrell  |  May 20, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    Sorry you had such a bad evening with it.

    I think I’ve finally accepted that I just can’t do pizza. It’s impossible to figure out the carbs, and combined with all that fat I cannot maintain control.

    So now I just try (and this is HARD) to keep away from the stuff. When you find an edible low-fat low-carb pizza, let me know!

  • 5. Maniacally Monday  |  May 20, 2007 at 9:43 pm

    sometimes when i’m craving pizza flavors (not that it’s the same) i pound out chicken breasts and par cook them, pile pizza toppings on top and drop in the oven to finish cooking. Alternatively, I peel eggplant, slice it into rounds, salt it, rinse, pat dry, bake it a little bit to get it crispy and then use that as my pizza bases.

    I’ve had to accept that I can’t do rice. i can occasionally do other things, but for some reason, me and the rice, we are not friends.

  • 6. Jenny  |  June 8, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    I don’t know where you stand on using an insulin pump, but this is where it can really make a difference. For foods like pizza, you can do a bolus called a comb bolus that gives some up front, and a lot spread out over a period of time. Some people even spread that combo bolus out over 8 hours! I have a friend who has a great combo bolus formula for high fat foods, so that it can be timed a little better to go along with the slowed digestion, due to the fat.

  • 7. Jenny B  |  June 11, 2007 at 6:50 pm


    I too have MODY diabetes. I have found that for me R insulin is much, much easier to make work than Humalog. With Humalog I went HIGH and then I went LOW. I never could match the food.

    I did better with Novolog, which I could inject at the time I ate and use at restauraunts, but I found that it often made me hungry after eating and when I used it exclusively I gained weight.

    R insulin (Humulin or Novalin) is a bit slower than the analogs, but if i inject an hour before eating, and eat about 30 grams of carbs, it works perfectly. I lost weight during the first year I was on it, and I stopped being hungry between meals.

    My current dose is 3 or 4 units per meal, with a very loosely counted 30 or so grams per meal. .

    R insulin is much cheaper than the analogs , but the doctors have been lobbied very heavily by the drug companies to push the analogs. It might be worth checking out R if you keep having trouble with Humalog.

    The longer I used Humalog, the worse it got, too.

    My MODY is characterized by near-normal basal secretion and no post-meal secretion. Once I finally got my insulin covering all my meals properly, my fasting dropped from 110-120 to the high 80s.

    If you want to talk about this more, you’ve got my blog linked on your sidebar, (I write “Diabetes Update”). Use the email you’ll find in the profile there.

  • 8. Serafino Raimondo  |  September 19, 2007 at 2:05 pm

    oh lord my baby your driving me craz. Serafino Raimondo.

  • 9. Jessica  |  January 8, 2009 at 1:33 pm

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