Medical ID jewelry

April 14, 2007 at 11:30 pm Leave a comment

At my last visit, the Diabetes Clinician reminded me that, especially now that I am using insulin, it’d be a good idea to get either an ID bracelet or necklace indicating that I am diabetic. I’d looked online a bit last week and was surprised how much more attractive my options are than they were 10 years ago when I first ordered a MedicAlert bracelet (which I reluctantly wore for about a year then lost). The one that most resembles a piece of jewelry I’d actually purchase for non-medical purposes is a charm bracelet made by America Medical ID:

America Medical ID bracelet

Of course all the jewelry browsing made me wonder how the medical versions compared to the real deal. Long story short, this beauty, this beauty from Tiffany and Co. is now being hand-engraved to read “Diabetic”, and will be waiting for me at the store in about three weeks.

Tiffany & Co link ID bracelet

Sure, it cost more than the American Medical ID bracelets, but I justified the expense knowing that a) I’d actually want to put it on every day and b) it should last a lifetime.


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