Sink or swim

April 5, 2007 at 6:06 pm 2 comments

Back from a morning spent at the hospital visiting the dietician and my PA. I’m having a hard time capturing my current state of annoyance, confusion and disappointment into words, but I will try.

My one-on-one carbohydrate counting and meal planning session with the dietician was quite helpful. I don’t think meeting the amount of carbs that she wants me to eat at each meal is going to be as hard as I anticipated, and I’m certainly looking forward to being able to eat things like fruit again on a regular basis. I now have an idea of how many calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats I should be aiming for every day, and I’ll see her again in a month for a follow-up and to see how the meal plan works with my insulin. I’d say it was a productive visit, and I wish I could say the same about the visit to my endocrinologist’s office that followed.

I went in to their office expecting to leave with at least some minimum level of confidence and knowledge needed to start using insulin. Instead I left with a prescription for a Humapen Luxura HD, needles and cartridges, three Humalog cartridge samples, and feeling of complete bewilderment. My insulin “lesson” was, quite frankly, a joke. The “instructor” basically unfolded the directions that came in the box with the demonstration Humapen (which had a giant sticker on it that said something to the effect of DEMONSTRATION ONLY – NOT FOR HUMAN USE), pointed at it while giving various awkwardly-worded instructions, then showed me how to screw on the disposable needle, how to turn the dosage dial, how to stick the needle into a piece of cloth-covered foam, pantomimed how to insert a cartridge, pointed out the part on how to prime the needle on the instruction poster, then said “any questions?”. I couldn’t believe it. Did she really expect her completely spotty verbal instructions to make me feel in any way prepared to give myself insulin shots? I even had to ask her where to inject (answer: “here” (pointing at abdomen)).

If I hadn’t already read the section on insulin in my Diabetes Solution book, I would be totally screwed. Although I was given a basic idea of how much to inject, I was not told where to inject or when (in relation to mealtime) to inject by anyone in my doctor’s office. I expected them to at least walk me through injecting myself with saline. I feel like I was handed a machine gun and told to go home and figure out how to use it. I did not leave there the slightest bit less nervous than I was when I arrived, and I feel totally unprepared for injecting myself. I have nothing to practice with – my first self-injection will be real live insulin, and that terrifies me.

I still don’t know when my first injection will be. I’m less than motivated to start. I guess I’ll just get the prescription filled, bring it home, and see what happens. I don’t even know if my pharmacy will have the Humapen Luxura HD seeing as it was scheduled to be released in April of 2007. Wish me luck.


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  • 1. thedietpulpit  |  April 5, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    Could practice with out anything in the needle on an orange or apple – I think that is what student nurses do (or used to any way) from what my sister in law has told me.

    A long time friend of mine was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago – she was able to get it under control with diet (no shots so far). One thing that helped her a lot was a product I use Extend Bars – specially designed to stablize blood sugar for 9 hours (also good for night time if going all night without food is a problem). They are high in protein, and the cheapest I’ve found and come in a variety of flavors. They can be order online in a box of 15, very fast delivery (I get four boxes each month), only 150 calories. Perhaps print out the info. about them and discuss it with your nutritionist. They are great for taking along in a purse too to in case you get busy and miss a meal. Good Luck !!!! Lady Rose

  • 2. robot w ashton / bobble  |  April 5, 2007 at 8:17 pm

    Wow that whole experience sounds really bad. Don’t let it turn you off to your plan though…


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