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February 27, 2007 at 9:58 pm Leave a comment

Jello puddingNormally I avoid packaged, processed and chemically-enhanced “foods”, but yesterday in a rushed search for something to get my blood sugar up from the low 60s before exercising, I discovered a box of Chocolate Sugar-free Jello Pudding in the cabinet and decided to whip up a batch. I knew it didn’t have much nutritional value on its own so I added in a cup of cottage cheese and a scoop of whey powder – heaven! I was actually excited when my blood sugar went too low again after dinner because I got to eat even more. I’m definitely going to have to exercise restraint if I’m going to keep this stuff around, or perhaps make my own instead so I don’t have to fear an ingredient list that includes such gems as aspartame and acesulfame potassium, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, disodium phosphate, mono- and diglycerides (“to prevent foaming” – god forbid!).

Not sure what caused my lows last night other than maybe a little delayed Starlix action. My BG was way too high (174 – suspected culprit: frozen blueberries added to my plain yogurt) after my afternoon snack which was taken with Starlix, but then an hour later it fell to between 47 on one meter and 63 on another at 7. At 8:30, post- Jello/cottage cheese/whey (taken without Starlix) and exercise it was 111, then an hour after dinner (leftover White Chicken Chili, with Starlix) it hit 53! The strange thing about the 53 after dinner was that I didn’t feel at all like I normally do during lows (shaky, confused) – instead I just felt unusually sleepy.

I should also note that I just ate the Jello/cottage/whey concoction again with only a half a Starlix (fearing a repeat of yesterdays lows), and an hour later my blood sugar is 170. Too much carbohydrate (22g by my estimations) too fast I suppose – I’ll try again some day with a whole Starlix, but maybe my new love is at least for now best reserved for lows and post-exercise.


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