Good tortilla, bad tortilla

February 14, 2007 at 7:38 pm Leave a comment

This weekend Mr. Lancetqueen and I took a lovely trip to Brooklyn to visit our friends and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and babies. After over a week of checking my blood sugar five to six times a day, my fingers needed a break! I didn’t intend to take a complete break from checking, but I have to admit that although I ate quite well, I can’t really be sure because I didn’t check a single time the entire trip. I now regret squandering the opportunity to see what affect the pedestrian New York lifestyle has on my blood sugars – we walked so much my legs are still sore.

My first post-vacation check was yesterday after the Mr. and I’s weekly lunch at Taqueria Del Sol. My willpower was weak and I couldn’t resist the tortilla chips, so despite my otherwise healthy selections (one Laredo taco and turnip greens) my BG was a whopping 149 an hour after lunch. I wish there was some way to “get away” with my one real weekly food splurge, but my little experiment of taking the Starlix 5 minutes before I ate didn’t work. Maybe I could try 15 or 20? Who am I kidding, I should just not eat the chips. 🙂 I’m sure the white tortilla isn’t helping either.

Dinner last night was a success with BG in the 80s an hour after, but lunch today must have gone too far into low-carb zone because an hour after eating a La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortilla with turkey, cucumber, spinach and tomato, my BG was 66, confirmed with a follow up of 67! Eek. Next time I’ll either turn it into two wraps with two tortillas or try it without the Starlix (the latter probably a risky idea). The La Tortilla Factory whole wheat low-carb tortillas are so tasty and such a godsend after thinking I was banished from fajitas forever. I can eat at least two without my blood sugar going over 130.

Tonight I hope to begin my endeavor to inject a little high-intensity cardio and muscle into my life, but more on that later.

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