Greetings from chilly NYC

Hello friends! A quickie update from me: Life in and around the Big Apple is still amazing. I spent all of late Summer and Spring riding my beautiful new bicycle all around town, including to and from work across the Brooklyn Bridge. I was feeling really fantastic and fit, then I managed a small tear in my left rotator cuff. In September I participated in Fight Gone Bad III, an incredibly fun and hard fundraising workout at my local Crossfit affiliate.  (If you watch this video of the event you can easily spot me – I’m the one doing normal deadlifts instead of sumo deadlifts because of my shoulder.)

Now cold temperatures have set in and naturally my activity level has dropped. My latest A1C came in last week and it was a dissapointing 5.8.  The shoulder is on the mend thanks to a month of physical therapy, and today I am starting a strict Zoning and food and blood sugar logging week, so I hope to troubleshoot whatever it is that is causing the big jump in my A1C. I’m still on Starlix and still Crossfitting 2-3 times per week, and even though the shoulder injury put a damper on some of my Crossfit goals (handstand, pull-ups), I managed to maintain my lowly accomplisment of a “real” push-up, and am still making progress on lifts that don’t go overhead and don’t irritate my shoulder (squats, deadlift, cleans). My current focus is getting the shoulder strong again so I can start actively pursuing that elusive pull-up, and tuning my diet so I can keep that A1C well underneath 6. Hope you are all doing well!

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I Love New York

My six-month mail-in A1C results from the Stanford Healthier Living with Diabetes Self-Management Program arrived in the mail today. My HbA1c was a new personal record: 4.8! Of course I’ll want to get this one confirmed at a real lab, but last time the real lab number was only .2 points away from the mail-in result, so I guess I’ll go ahead and celebrate! w00! Thanks go out to Starlix for allowing me to eat, to New York City and Brooklyn for being so darn pedestrian friendly, to my usual low-carb (and more recently, Zone-favorable) diet for the obvious, and to Crossfit for kicking my ass left and right and keeping me coming back for more. 🙂

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Sausage Arms!

T-minus one day until my next Crossfit class and my arms still look like sausages… hello tendonitis! The pain is all but gone, and I can almost straighten them all the way, but my arms are still so puffy around the elbow that I had to changes sweaters twice this morning to find something with sleeves wide enough to accommodate them. I’ve been icing 2-3 times a day and taking aleve and don’t know what else I can do except NOT do pull ups tomorrow night. 🙂

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Crossfit Foundations

Wednesday was the first of a six-class Foundations series that I signed up for in order to (safely!) learn the basic exercises and nutritional elements of Crossfit. We learned the movements and proper form for the basic Crossfit warmup, which consists of sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, squats and Sampson pose. I was able to do all of those exercises OK with the exception of the pull-up. To work towards a full pull-up on my own, I jump into the rings and focus on the descent, allowing my arms to reach full extension before touching my feet to the ground. After a few rounds of the warm-up exercises, we learned Cleans and Jerks, first with PVC then with bars. Afterwards I had a fun time standing around chatting with my new classmates, then went and watched the last few minutes of the group class’ WOD. I felt amazingly energized afterwards and all through the next day.

Unfortunately I think I’ve pulled the tendon in my right and possibly also my left arm. The day of class, no less than four friends told me “don’t hurt yourself!” so I aimed to ease into things, but now it appears I may have over did it on the pull-ups. Actually I probably would have been fine had I not tried to carry my extremely heavy bag of records to a gig last night (my husband had his hands full with our turntables). Thursday and Friday I went through the normal post-Crossfit soreness in muscles I never knew existed phases, but every day was feeling better… but then this morning I woke up unable to extend either arm fully, especially my right. Now my right biceps is swolen and stiff. I was hoping to go to Beginners class tomorrow morning, but I’m going to give myself some time to rest and heal completely before class on Wednesday. I hope this doesn’t become a constant cycle of Crossfit -> debilitating soreness -> injury -> no exercise for a week to heal -> Crossfit again.

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Yesterday I accompanied a friend to my very first Crossfit group class in Brooklyn. My husband went a few months ago but I was sitting it out while rest and cortisone treatments via iontophoresis healed the inflammation around my Haglund’s Deformity. I was super-nervous about the class (fears of puking and hypoglycemia made me eat an unreasonable amount of carbs beforehand – oops) but managed to complete the warm-up (which was far more difficult in intensity than my normal workout) then in lieu of the Workout of the Day (35 cleans and jerks), worked on form and technique with the instructor. I’m in a whole new world of pain today, but hope to make this a regular part of my workout routine. I’ve been lamenting my lack of general/cardiovascular fitness lately, especially during my weight lifting routines where I felt like I wasn’t making much progress due to my lack of cardiovascular endurance. Friday at the gym I did an interval routine on the treadmill and felt fantastic afterwards. I think adding more running, buying a bike, and doing Crossfit at least once a week will be just the thing to move me towards better overall fitness. Plus how cool would it be to one day say I’m proficient at gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting?

Any diabetic pals out there Crossfit junkies?

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I can see!

Thursday’s Lasik procedure went swimmingly. I’m hoping to post an edited-down version of the blow-by-blow I posted on my other personal journal, but it’ll have to wait until my eyes have recovered further and my tolerance for staring at the computer increases. So far I can say this is one of the best decisions I ever made – to be able to go from not being able to see 10 inches in front of your own face to seeing every little detail in this beautiful city with your naked eye is truly miraculous!

Nothing to report on my Achilles Tendonitis – even after 5 days of rest and almost two weeks of only wearing super-padded New Balance running shoes, I still can’t tolerate having any pressure (i.e. any shoe other than the New Balance) on the back of my right foot. Based on the lack of improvement from ice, massage, heat, rest and Aleve, I’m beginning to think it may be Haglund’s Deformity. I made an appointment with a podiatrist in February but tomorrow will be calling around to see if someone can see me earlier.

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Good Eye, Bad Foot

Happy New Year! Since I last posted, two things have developed in my health life, one good and one bad. The good? Thursday I’m having Lasik eye surgery. The bad? I’ve barely had time to think about the surgery because I’ve been so preoccupied with the excruciating pain when I walk caused by achilles tendonitis in my right foot. Tendonitis sucks for anyone, but is especially bad here where I depend so much on my own two feet for transportation. The GP I saw on Tuesday said that if it didn’t improve after two weeks of ice, Aleve and as much rest as possible, that he would send me to a podiatrist. He mentioned that diabetics have a propensity towards tendon problems. “Even well-controlled diabetes?” I asked, and he replied “Yes”. Bummer.

So far after 5 days of ice and rest, it’s feeling about the same, but if I understand correctly, the Achilles tendon is one of those slow-healing things, so I’m trying to be patient. I did buy a nice, squishy pair of New Balance and can walk somewhat comfortably in those (as opposed to not at all/limping in any other shoe), so my goal is to walk as little as possible and only in the New Balance from now until it heals, which I hope and pray will be in time for my 30th birthday in February. I _will_ dance on my 30th birthday, darn it!

Wish me luck with the lasers on Thursday!

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